You Can Find Me Here..

1.    Kosong-Pure Saturday
“Temukan diri dalam dunia tak terikira lelah.
Semua mati dan menghilang terlalu pagi..”

2.    Malaikat-The Milo
“Dan malaikat pun enggan menolehku.. Dan malaikat pun pergi dariku..”

3.    Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed-Mew
“Is a nice way I think to wake up with you
It’s a nice way I’m separated from you..”

4.    Silence-Pure Saturday
“Through I tried to face it
They’ll never be exist
I just won’t stay here and wait
I just want, I just want to die..”

5.    For All The Dreams That Wings Could Fly-The Milo
“The more of you remain in this hollow place..
until the more of you reveal
and no one cannot see this because behind my face
is it as real as life could be..”

6.    Don’t Worry for being Alone-The Milo
“Lights guide you through the emptiness
There’s something you could found
In the dark..”

7.    Daun dan Ranting Menuju Surga-The Milo
“Hadapi hidup yang remuk  hapus semua kenangan yang kelam
Semua nyata hati pun terluka..”

8.    Kekal-Homogenic
“It so dark in here
No I can`t see alight
Take all the fires on me..”

9.    Romantic Purple-Homogenic cover
“It’s the darkness in you that makes me so pure
The image of you has been burn into my eyes
I won’t say goodbye cause i never there..”

10.    That I Would be Good-Alanis Morissette
“That i would be good even if i did nothing.
That i would be loved even when i numb myself..”